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TDM Connect changes behavior and habits through real-world DEI actions

For me, the [TDM Connect] app changed where I was going to pick up food, the books I was reading, the videos I was watching, the seminars I attended. It created conversations that may not have otherwise happened, but the app kept them top of mind.

Gary Greene headshot
Gary Greene President and CEO, Greene Resources

Greene Resources is a recruiting firm that connects companies with exceptional talent and helps job-seekers find fulfilling careers. They also offer centralized management solutions to organizations that use multiple staffing vendors across numerous locations and divisions.

THE GOAL Deepen DEI commitment by employing tools to reinforce diversity education

Greene Resources is a people-first business. As its leadership team worked to align their internal policies, procedures, and systems with their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), they recognized their knowledge was limited. 

“We started putting a plan in place and realized we needed help making sure we were doing it correctly. We used resources and did research but still didn’t have the footing we needed,” said Mikio Anderson, VP of Human Resources. 

The company wanted to partner with a full-service DEI firm who could not only strengthen their internal DEI initiatives but also engage their existing and incoming employees with the training and tools necessary to create meaningful change. 

Through their active involvement with the Raleigh Chamber’s Triangle DEI Alliance, Gary and Mikio witnessed, firsthand, the inspiring work of The Diversity Movement (TDM). After hearing the Chamber’s official recommendation and praise for TDM from multiple Chamber members, enlisting TDM’s expertise was an easy decision. 

You can attend seminars, but is it really creating necessary change? You certainly aren’t seeing your blind spots. There needs to be someone asking the right questions, helping us drive the right conversations, and setting us down a path to change things we didn't even know needed changing.

Gary Greene President and CEO

THE SOLUTION Turn DEI engagement into a friendly, company-wide competition

Greene Resources’ leadership team saw the TDM Connect mobile app as an exciting and ideal tool for their staff: a sales-driven team that thrives on friendly competition. 

Once the TDM team helped the company lay a foundation for their DEI goals, they created a month-long TDM Connect challenge to earn points by learning about diverse cultures and identities. Throughout the month, internal challenge ambassadors shared weekly updates to encourage participation, and the company offered small prizes and rewards, like paid time off and gift cards to local and underrepresented businesses. 

The app acted as a DEI guide, giving employees a comfortable way to safely step out of their comfort zone and broaden their perspective and experiences through simple, customized DEI actions like starting a conversation with someone from a different background, reading a book, or supporting a local store. 

People have fun, but they also learn through it. When you don't know what to do next, this app allows you to click down and see, ‘Oh, I could do this.’ It’s so simple! It gave us an easy, fun way to get engaged.

Gary Greene President and CEO

THE RESULTS Avid participation and profound shifts on professional and personal levels

The app became a powerful means for employees to put DEI principles into practice both at work and at home. It created opportunities to be more intentional, to shift personal habits of language and behavior, and to engage in ongoing discussions. Even some reluctant family members began to experiment with actions on the app!

Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff, Greene Resources intends to find additional ways to implement the TDM Connect app moving forward. And the company knows they can rely on TDM for support and direction as they continue their DEI journey. 

“They [TDM] were our compass,” said Mikio. “They were there to make sure we didn’t veer off the path, but they let us drive everything. We wanted to do a lot; they helped us slow down and reminded us that we should recognize our progress along the way.”

Enthusiasm, momentum, and point totals grew throughout the month. By the end of the challenge, Greene Resources saw: 

  • Over 60% of employees engaged with the app
  • 100% of the available actions were completed
  • Participants logged over 8,000 points and around 1,500 actions

“TDM has done an incredible job of being able to meet people where they are, take their hand, and walk them along that journey. Every single one of them is just an incredible consultant, trusted advisor, champion. There is no cookie cutter approach to what they're doing, and I appreciate that they treat each organization as unique in and of itself.”

President and CEO, Greene Resources

Boost productivity, build partnerships, and become a diversity champion.

Contact The Diversity Movement to find out how our customized DEI action plans and tools, like TDM Connect, can help you create sustainable culture change and better business outcomes.

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