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Dr. Debby Stroman, a TDM partner, has witnessed the intersection of sports and racism her entire life. She’s former basketball player and team captain at UVA, UNC coach, board member at the Advancement for Blacks in Sports (ABIS), consultant to former professional athletes through their transitions from athletics to a career, business ownership, and/or the completion of an academic degree, and now a leadership professor in the domains of sport business and racial equity at UNC. On If You Only Knew, Dr. Debby brings on her friends and colleagues in sports to share their inspirational stories and perspectives on racism, success strategies, and current events.

Dr. Debby Stroman will usually conduct the interviews, but in this case, NFL Network correspondent Bucky Brooks shines the light on Dr. Debby to get her perspectives on race in sports, athletes using their platforms, how athletes are not getting the true college experience, and how country club sports are powered by the sweat of young black men. You don’t want to miss this.

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