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Headshot of Angela smiling

Angela Scipio

Strategist, forward thinker, change agent, partner

Angela (she, her) has a background in banking and experience with operations and business strategy. Angela and her husband have run their own company together for the last 5 years. She graduated from UNC Greensboro with a degree in Integrated Professional Studies.

As a business and partnership strategist at TDM, Angela works on a variety of projects that support business development, partnerships, and growing our existing client base.

Angela grew up in the Big Sky state of Montana where many of her experiences contributed to who she is today.  She enjoys life with her husband and two children. Angela believes traveling is one of life’s greatest treasures and she volunteers weekly at a local elementary school where she leads art classes, reads stories, and watches the children grow.

Why DEI?: As a biracial woman I have always felt that there was never a space where I fully fit in. A focus on DEI can change that reality for many. A sense of belonging and inclusivity is imperative in our communities and especially in our workplaces. I look forward to being a part of that change.

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