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Headshot of Bri smiling

Bri Hensley


Bri (she/her) graduated from Towson University in Baltimore, MD with a degree in psychology and mass communication and achieved her MBA in marketing shortly after. In her role as Social Media Strategist, Bri turns her curiosity about people, their behaviors, and their words into a passion for getting new information to the right people at the right time in the right way. Her journey with The Diversity Movement started in her previous role, when she enlisted their expertise in the creation of a quarterly inclusion series focused on bringing tough conversations and educational resources to a community that didn’t previously house an opportunity for open, sometimes uncomfortable conversations. 

Bri previously worked as an event planner, personal trainer, sports director, and operations manager; she also manages love celebrations of all kinds as a wedding coordinator. A homebody at heart, she loves travel and adventure and isn’t afraid to face a challenge. A few favorite hobbies are hiking, brunching, wakeboarding, and finding the next best local coffee shop with her husband and pup.

Why DEI?: Bri believes all humans are just that — human. We all deserve to walk down the street and feel safe in our own neighborhoods, breathe clean air, and love who we love. It starts with one person working toward the good and encouraging someone else to do the same. It’s our individual responsibility to keep an open mind, consider new ideas and opinions, and explore the uncomfortable to become the best human we can be.

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