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Headshot of Evan smiling

Evan Crochet

Filmmaker, Photographer, Daytripper, Mountain Hiker

Evan Crochet (he/him) comes to Raleigh from New York City where he previously held positions in broadcast engineering for major TV networks. An accomplished Cuban-American filmmaker and digital content producer, his passion lies in developing human interest stories and capturing video for compelling content of all genres. Evan graduated from the Hofstra University School of Communications with a B.S. in Video, Television, and Film.

As Chief Videographer for The Diversity Movement, Evan is responsible for leading production on a wide variety of video projects, ranging in length, style, and subject matter. He was beyond excited to take the helm alongside a stellar team of talented individuals, who have already made North Carolina feel like home.

Why DEI? I am passionate about sharing and creating thoughtful media that reflects diverse values and goals. The team at TDM explores these topics with care, nuance, and a maturity that piques my curiosity and compels me to contribute my skills towards their goals.