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Florence Holland Headshot

Florence Holland

Expert consultant and trainer, strategic planner, communicator

Florence (she/her) is a visionary leader, bridge builder, dedicated and hardworking professional with more than 15 years of strategic planning and hands-on expertise. She has worked with businesses and led strategic planning around talent development. She also has extensive education experience working with secondary and post-secondary students, securing resources, and implementing effective programs.

She has a well-rounded academic background, with practical knowledge of and experience in change management and diversification. Her proven ability to develop solid working relationships with business leaders, campus administrators, faculty and staff, the local community, and various stakeholders helps foster stronger external and internal communications. She brings exceptional interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills to all her roles.

Why DEI? Until everyone in our society has the ability to go to work in a place where they truly can bring their full selves without fear of retaliation, then my work is not done. We should be a society that understands when one brings their whole self to work then innovation and the true actualization of the organization will happen. I’m committed to DEI until that day.