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Jason Gillikin

TDM Consultant, Podcast Producer, Entrepreneur, Marketing Specialist, Storyteller

Over the past 15 years, Jason has been in the digital marketing space, working with businesses to direct their messages and stories to the right audiences.  Two years ago, Jason shifted his marketing focus to audio storytelling for businesses, to amplify their expertise and create evergreen audio content. Through podcasting, he has connected with leaders in the business community, experts in their fields, entrepreneurs and dreamers, and others who want to reach new audiences by sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Why DEI? Podcasting provides a platform for all voices – especially underrepresented voices – to reach and expand their communities. With the Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox podcast, leaders in the DEI community provide understanding and education to those who know diversity is the right thing to do, but who are not sure why it’s imperative to the success of any growing business – or how to get started with a successful DEI program.