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Katie Gaebel headshot

Katie Gaebel

DEI Champion, Empath, Learner, Activator

At The Diversity Movement, Katie Gaebel, Ph.D. (she/her) works to reinforce and support the company’s culture of belonging by aligning internal practices with evidence-based best practices in recruiting, retention, and culture.

Katie has spent more than 12 years in career development and learning spaces and has extensive background in higher education and nonprofit work. She has worked at the intersection of collegiate and adult education, career readiness, and DEI to remove barriers to access and set a path for success for all clients. Katie holds bachelors degrees in Psychology and German from Saint Mary’s College in Indiana and masters and doctorate degrees in educational policy and leadership with a focus on international education from The Ohio State University. Her dissertation research focused on the educational experiences of Turkish immigrant women in German schools and the factors that contributed to their success.

Katie has served on the board of directors for two different im/migrant and refugee organizations across the country. She coaches and mentors students from first-generation and im/migrant backgrounds and looks forward to volunteering with organizations in the Raleigh area after she relocates from Kansas City.

Why DEI?: When workplaces are built on a foundation of psychological safety and inclusion, every person can show up wholly and as their authentic selves. That authenticity drives innovation, fosters intellectual curiosity, and deepens relationships. Fostering a sense of belonging is good for business and essential for retaining staff.