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Headshot of Kayla smiling

Kayla Champion

Interpersonal Communicator, Empath, Marketing Analytics and SEO Enthusiast

From indie-book promotions and marketing to working on the ground in clinical research during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kayla’s (she/her) eclectic work experience and continued education as a clinical mental health counselor has offered her a wealth of competencies and interpersonal skills. In her role as a Marketing Communications Specialist at The Diversity Movement, she combines her passion for strategic marketing with mental health advocacy and awareness. Kayla is enthusiastic about bridging the gap in mental health services as we enter a new era of mental health crisis in this country.

Why DEI?: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is important to me because all people should be honored and valued for who they are. I believe that people do their best work when they can be authentically themselves. The more that people can contribute to the workforce with their unique backgrounds and perspectives the better we are as a whole.