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Leslie Hamilton headshot on a peach background

Leslie Hamilton

Marketer, Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Friend

Leslie works directly with the Business Development team to keep them organized, prepared, and informed. An MBA from Villanova University with over 12 years of experience building major brands, Leslie is able to partner with the team on key projects and help solve problems. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Leslie is always pushing to improve and master new skills.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Leslie is a huge Steelers fan. When she isn’t watching football, she’s either baking cookies for her company, bakesale or making memories on her annual RV trip with her daughter.

Why DEI? Celebrating our differences and learning from each other is the greatest reward and I feel honored to be a part of this very important work. I will always champion kindness and focus on actions to make my daughter proud… and she is proud of my work with The Diversity Movement.