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Najauna White headshot on a green background

Najauna White

Positive Disruptor, Community Champion, Moderator, Research Addict, Partnership Curator

Najauna is a community connector! Her goal and belief in genuine relationships, community engagement, and creating valuable experiences have led her to build expertise in various fields and industries.

Fueled by curiosity and storytelling, she has developed a passion for changing the narrative of what DEI strategy looks like in every industry that she’s worked in. More recently, as a new mom, she has a new intensity for showing up as her authentic self in all spaces she occupies.

If there are three things you need to know about her:

  1. She’s a Howard Bison. Howard University is the real & only HU.
  2. She considers herself an intrapreneur.
  3. If you consider yourself a DEI leader, champion, or advocate, she wants you to join our DEI Community, TODAY!

Why DEI? I remember my experience when I felt like l wasn’t valued. I remember those moments when I felt muffled by someone else’s bias and not having the support or courage to speak up at that moment. I remember that I never want to feel like that again. Because of my past experiences, I work every day towards making someone else feel liberated by being their whole self.