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Phil Anthony headshot on a light blue background

Phil Anthony

Sales Professional, Athlete, Life-Long Learner, DEI Advocate, Efficiency & Effectiveness Enthusiast

Phil joined TDM in 2021 as a Regional Sales Director. He previously worked in the Higher Education and Professional Certification market, helping people of all ages and backgrounds to develop their skills and pass industry exams to succeed in their careers. He enjoys building relationships with clients because they are more than customers, they are partners in a collaboration to achieve goals together.

Phil lived in the midwest until college, and now lives in Long Island, NY with his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys weight training and cycling to stay in shape.

Why DEI? I was blessed with the ability and opportunity to play basketball in college and professionally overseas. This allowed me to have teammates from different backgrounds, meet people from other countries and live in foreign cultures. I’ve learned that experiences, relationships and conversations matter. We all have the ability to learn, grow and be inclusive of all people.