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Rich Font

Video Creative, Veteran, Photographer, Entrepreneur, DEI Advocate

Rich Font is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced video creative, veteran, and entrepreneur with years of experience working across a wide range of industries and exhibiting a strong will to lead by example every step of the way within his creative journey.

With a real passion in creative videography and photography, Rich strives to create content that drives attention, emotion, and engagement that achieves results. 

Each and every day, Rich is constantly striving to bring a new creative approach to excellence. As a dedicated content producer, Rich does what any media professional should do – leverage their well-rounded skill set to bring something new to the table that not only inspires others, but leaves a lasting positive impact in our culture.

Why DEI? Diversity & inclusion speaks to my life directly as a Puerto Rican minority. I was fortunate to play soccer pretty much all of my life but still had those “fitting in” moments. It was my upbringing that really gave me the confidence to go into the world proudly no matter the color of my skin. So no matter the circumstance or situation, I choose equality within my relationships and beyond. As a father of two, I have a responsibility to guide my kids to take a stand when faced with adversity. For that, I take great pride as an advocate of diversity & inclusion.