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The Diversity Movement was created to educate people from all walks of life on the importance of fostering a community of inclusivity. As we create opportunities for interaction with each other, we build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding.

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    Increase in profitability for diverse organizations
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    Of job candidates say diversity is important
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    The amount the GDP could increase by diversifying the workforce
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    Of C-suite roles are held by women

Propel yourself, your career and your organization forward

Because the world is getting more diverse by the second, we want to shape it to be one where we’re able to recognize and respect the cultures, experiences, identities, and perspectives of others, and discover more about ourselves in the process. We know that together, our differences make us stronger and our businesses more profitable, as organizations that embrace diversity and inclusion outperform their peers by 19-35% more revenue.  That’s why we created an online, self-guided course that takes you from understanding the types of diversity through building a transformational D&I program for your organization.

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Step out of your comfort zone. We’ve created a gamification platform with over 20 actions you can take to widen your perspective and experience new cultures.

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Join our community for insights, strategies, tools and conversations to inspire and inform your diversity journey.



Ready to talk to your company about implementing a D&I program? Share these facts and statistics to guide your conversation.

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