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How? By creating diverse teams and a culture of inclusivity, embracing individuals, and making space for everyone's voice to be heard.

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This course, developed by diversity executives, education specialists and business experts, will help you uncover a broader understanding of diversity and inclusion (D&I) and provide the tools and insights to create a practice that fosters a stronger work culture and enables transformational business outcomes.


Our Expertise


Our customized programs are designed to reduce bias and facilitate understanding to drive meaningful outcomes for your organization.

donald thompson speaking on stage


The Diversity Movement is led by a team of experts, from business experts and angel investors to nationally recognized TEDx speakers. Each team member is prepared to inspire and provide actionable insights for your organization.

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We partner with you to build out tactical D&I initiatives, monitor progress and navigate the challenges that come with creating a successful and sustainable practice.

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We selected Donald Thompson to moderate a diversity and inclusion panel for our members because as a D&I practitioner and CEO, Donald brings a business perspective with actionable insights to an initiative that continues to evolve and grow within professional environments.

Talisa Hite Events Manager, North Carolina Chamber

Donald’s insight has helped provide us with an extremely valuable roadmap regarding our diversity and inclusion efforts. He facilitated discussions with our leaders identifying actionable steps that will help our organization create and accomplish our D&I goals in the days, months, and years ahead.

Sharon Bryson CEO, North Carolina Association of CPAs

Sharon and team were fantastic! They provided advice, critique, examples, and encouragement. I am now armed with the knowledge I need to keep practicing and the confidence to look for opportunities to show off my new skills. I would definitely recommend this training for any leaders who need to be educated on the basics or to brush up on their skills.

Amie Thompson CEO, Creative Allies