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Move from DEI Awareness to DEI Action

Proving the impact of DEI can feel daunting and abstract. How do you really know if your DEI initiatives are delivering value and getting better over time? The proof is in the impact on talent. You need to pinpoint the right answers to tie your employees’ goals to business growth strategies in 2023. (KPMG)

TDM Analytics removes uncertainty and gives you the insight to make informed decisions about how to lead, mentor, and retain top talent. With our platform, you can collect the right data to evaluate employee engagement, sentiment, and belonging through a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens. We give you the “what” and the “how” to use your data points to become a more a successful, culture-centric organization.

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data we collect


• age
• race
• gender


• employee sentiment
• belonging


• pay
• talent development
• growth assignment


• recruitment
• supplier diversity


• succession planning
• promotion
• retention
• ROI of ERGs

DEI Initiatives

• learning progress
• learning engagement

How will Metrics help your company?

  • Automate DEI Insights

    Streamlined reports that visualize and prioritize recommendations to move forward with greatest impact

  • Visualize DEI data

    View dashboards and heatmaps to make it easier to spot issues and identify areas for improvement

  • Benchmark your progress

    See how your efforts compare to organizations of similar size and industry

  • Monitor your DEI roadmap

    Identify what is working across the business or at business unit level and evaluate deficits
    and opportunities for improvement

  • Integrate with your current systems

    Utilize data from existing systems to reduce time to DEI insight and evaluation

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