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Diverse, adaptable strategies establish comprehensive DEI programs and practices in just one year

TDM is in it for the long journey by sharing the success of DEI at BAYADA. Their interest is in our success, and that body of work is more than just as a consulting or a collaboration partner. It's the essence of what DEI stands for: the journey of us having a ripple or butterfly effect in society.

Rekha headshot
Rekha Daniel-Kimani Division Director, Total Rewards, Compensation, Benefits & Well-Being; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - BAYADA Home Health Care

BAYADA provides exceptional and empathetic home healthcare services to children and adults of all ages. Serving an average of 150,000 clients annually across 22 states and 8 countries, BAYADA believes their employees are their greatest asset. Company values of compassion, excellence, and reliability fuel their mission to provide the highest level of care, treat employees and clients like family, and offer everyone a better quality of life.

THE CHALLENGE Lack of a cohesive strategy to embed DEI initiatives into business operations

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ideals are woven into BAYADA’s core values. Ensuring both their caregivers and clients are treated equitably, with dignity, respect, and recognition, is central to their company philosophy. 

When discussions among BAYADA leadership revealed the limitations of their existing DEI initiatives, they sought expert guidance to build a stronger DEI blueprint for their business. They needed advisors with agile tools and resources who could support a sizable staff with differing levels of DEI knowledge and varying work schedules spread out across several time zones. 

The Diversity Movement (TDM) came highly recommended by several trusted, external BAYADA partners. The range and flexibility of TDM’s solutions convinced BAYADA that TDM could easily adapt to and accommodate all of their employees.

We were standing up a new [DEI] office, a new function, in our organization, and we needed help. It’s important for us to have a partner that is going to be collaborative, meet us in our journey, and be able to shepherd us through some of our highlights, but also some of our low points.

Rekha Daniel-Kimani Division Director, Total Rewards, Compensation, Benefits & Well-Being; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

THE SOLUTION A tiered, accessible approach across multiple platforms that encourages participation

Foundational baseline surveys, a collaborative exchange of ideas and resources, and ongoing dialogue enabled TDM and BAYADA leadership to develop measurable DEI goals and a multi-pronged roadmap for success. Together, they also incorporated DEI into regular business communications, team updates, and annual strategic planning. 

Versatile tools were utilized to introduce the practices to staff. Through listening sessions and ThoughtExchange (an employee engagement tool)s, employees share ideas and feedback, helping BAYADA consistently gauge their needs and interests.

TDM’s foundational online course, Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox, was rolled out to BAYADA’s directors and office employees, strengthening their ability to answer questions and nurture conversations. A DEI Resource Portal was launched, company-wide, along with monthly DEI webcasts and weekly email actions allowing BAYADA employees to explore DEI topics on their own time and terms. 

Additionally, BAYADA established the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They also created three Employee Resource Councils focused on fostering allyship and offering support to underrepresented and marginalized people. 

One of the things we appreciated in our partnership with TDM was that there was no stone unturned. It was a very open dialogue. We were looking for measured, incremental progress that we can show and would be sustainable in the long-term.

Rekha Daniel-Kimani Division Director, Total Rewards, Compensation, Benefits & Well-Being; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

THE RESULTS Enthusiastic engagement and an increased investment in company vision and values

Within one year, BAYADA’s DEI achievements included:  

  • 10,000 page views on the internal DEI Resource Portal 
  • 12,000+ overall viewings of CEO-led Conversations on DEI webcasts
  • 1,000+ participants in 22 DEI ThoughtExchange surveys
  • 81% director completion rate for Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox online course
  • 158 caregivers earning continuing education credit through a TDM webinar featuring BAYADA’s chief clinical officer 

BAYADA’s commitment to incorporating DEI into their business culture and operations has resonated deeply with their employees. Management is empowered to swiftly update and align policies with DEI objectives. Staff across the board are eagerly involved and find the resources easy to use and beneficial professionally and personally. As BAYADA continues their DEI journey, they know they can count on TDM for guidance along the way.

There's not a one-size-fits-all blueprint for a client. TDM provides a great wealth of resources for organizations, and we have benefited from that. And I believe others would as well.

Rekha Daniel-Kimani Division Director, Total Rewards, Compensation, Benefits & Well-Being; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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