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Leadership Assessment Fostering Individual and Team Growth

TDM LeaderView™ is the only solution that offers individual and “whole-team” analyses with insights into team dynamics across 7 key competencies of inclusive leadership. The assessment phase includes an initial discovery call with the CEO, CPO, COO, or Board Chair, followed by the deployment of the leadership assessment itself. This helps leaders better understand their strengths and areas for growth both individually and as a collective team.

Insights Tailored for Each of Your Leaders

Our TDM LeaderView™ leadership assessment informs a customized workshop for your executive team, aimed at enhancing cultural competency. Additionally, individual assessment results facilitate personalized coaching sessions for each leader. This dual approach nurtures individual leaders while strengthening the collective efficacy of your leadership team.

The [inclusive leadership core competencies] were informative and helpful for outlining my strengths/tendencies, while also giving insight into the strengths/natural tendencies of colleagues. It allowed discussion to see where there may be breakdowns in communication and approach and served as a tool to reflect on in building more cohesiveness within the team.

Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines Leader

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