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Every Voice Matters.

TDM’s listening sessions offer a safe space where employee sentiments are heard, concerns shared, and insights emerge. Anchored by curated questions, these sessions explore the myriad facets of your company’s culture such as: 

  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Belonging
  • Inclusion / exclusion
  • Career development
  • Work life balance
  • Pay & compensation
  • Communication
  • Organizational silos
  • Policies & procedures 

Our series of 60-minute virtual sessions, accommodating up to 20 participants each, are meticulously designed to foster a candid dialogue and are available in both English and Spanish. Confidentiality and safety is our pledge, ensuring every voice is heard without fear. 

Your Path to Profound Insight

Every story or experience shared in the listening sessions carries insights. These narratives, when woven together, form the fabric of your organization’s culture. Our subsequent Insights Report reveals these themes and sentiments, providing a roadmap for your leadership in the Recommendations & Planning step of the Assessment Phase. 

To maximize your insights, we recommend pairing your Listening Sessions with quantitative assessment offerings like a demographic audit and surveys.

Empowering Organizations to Listen & Learn

See how we helped engineering firm CRB assess baseline DEI competencies and establish their DEI action plan.

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Ready to See Where You Stand?

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