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Benchmarking Progress, Building Momentum

TDM helps you constantly iterate and improve your DEI roadmap:

  • Conduct annual employee surveys, comparing current DEI attitudes with initial baselines, to gauge cultural shifts.
  • Organize additional listening sessions for real-time, qualitative insights into DEI program perceptions.
  • Regularly update your Insights Report, aligning it with evolving DEI goals and organizational needs.

Utilize an advanced DEI metrics dashboard, visualizing progress and tracking changes over time for strategic decision-making.

Measure, Adapt, Repeat

Embrace the iterative nature of DEI growth. Regular assessments and data collection, ideally annually, enable your team to navigate challenges effectively and amplify successful strategies. This process is key to realizing a truly inclusive, high-performing culture.

Measured & Managed: Successful DEI Transformation

See how our work over 3 years helped BAYADA Home Health Care be named one of America's “Greatest Workplaces for Diversity”

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Ready for Measurable DEI Impact?

At The Diversity Movement, we’re committed to being your steadfast partner in measuring and improving culture within your organization. Let’s work together to ensure your initiatives are impactful.