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The Most Budget-Friendly Way to Give Your Team the Tools Needed to Build an Inclusive Organization

Inclusive organizations provide access to learning that results in higher employee engagement, productivity, adaptability, and retention. But with DEI budgets being cut, how can you scale culture-building learning at a price you can afford? The answer is TDM Library for Teams.

Built through our work with hundreds of organizations, TDM Library resources, tools, and expert advice enable teams to become more effective and productive by integrating DEI best practices into everyday work. Whether you are a member of a DEI council, employee resource group or marketing team, our easy to understand TDM Library guides, checklists, articles, templates and videos enable you to apply DEI concepts right away to deliver impact across your organization.

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Explore Topics for Key Teams and Roles, Together

DEI Councils

Spend less time researching best practices and answering common questions from staff. Spread knowledge faster with our how-to guides and templates on topics such as supplier diversity, measuring the ROI of DEI, and more.

Employee Resource Groups

TDM Library provides your roadmap to success with guidance on building an ERG from the ground up, pitfalls to avoid, programming ideas, getting executive buy-in, and more.

Marketing Teams

Learn how to authentically identify, reach, and resonate with your audiences with inclusive marketing how-to guides covering topics such as digital accessibility, employer branding, avoiding backlash, and more.

Leadership Teams

Empower your leadership team to hone their inclusive leadership skills and build more productive, collaborative, and innovative teams with customized learning journeys.

The TDM library has proven to be an beneficial resource for our DE&I Council. It has become an essential tool for enhancing our communication efforts and educating our team.

Tasha Gaskins, MSW Director of Care II & DE&I Council Advisor, Wellthy

...I love that it’s actionable and easy to understand - I found a lot of the articles and micro videos were a great way to learn something quick without having to dedicate a full hour or a lot of mental energy to a longer training and it's great that longer form content is there for when I’m interested in diving deeper. The "guides" and articles to me have been most useful so far but that's probably because I can easily reference without having to remember what was mentioned in a video…

Wellthy DEI Council Member

I personally have enjoyed it and think the TDM Library has great insights on today's topics.

Elizabeth Ahn People Ops Coordinator, Digilant

I love the functionality of the TDM Library. It's pretty easy to find what topic of information I am looking for and if I can't figure it out, the search box helps SO MUCH!

Wellthy DEI Council Member

Genuinely, this service and platform has been instrumental in our DEI work.

TDM Library Member

The Diversity Movement has been so valuable to me in my role as a DEI leader this past year. I share their online resources monthly with my team and have really enjoyed their webinars.

Fatou Njie-Jallow Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The New England Center for Children, Inc.

There's not a one-size-fits-all blueprint for a client. TDM provides a great wealth of resources for organizations, and we have benefited from that. And I believe others would as well.

Rekha Daniel-Kimani Division Director, Total Rewards, Compensation, Benefits & Well-Being; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, BAYADA Home Health Care

We love The Diversity Movement--we are always recommending them to others and their resources are so valuable.

Kenrica Sands Sr. DEI Program Coordinator, Pendo

Their (TDM's) resources and ready guidance are second to none in the area.

Melissa Short VP of HR, Transitions LifeCare

What Does It Include and Why Is It Different?

TDM Library includes a searchable library of actionable content in over 30 topical areas including inclusive leadership, inclusive language, and foundational DEI content to equip you with practical knowledge before your next meeting or conversation. Build psychological safety for team members through our private learning environment. Trust that employees have access to a centralized database of accurate information. To reinforce your knowledge, we have monthly sessions with experts from our team and other TDM Library for Teams members to help answer “how-to” questions as you address key challenges in scaling DEI in your organization.

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The Investment

TDM Library for Teams costs less than sending your team to a conference or an event for training. The investment is $99 per year* per member of your team.

*Volume discounts are available when you enroll more than 50 members of your team at once.


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