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Extensive Analysis of Your Workforce

The Diversity Movement specializes in crafting comprehensive demographic surveys that go beyond race and gender. In our DEI assessment, we include vital dimensions such as sexual orientation, generational diversity, veteran status, tenure, and more. By correlating these traits with insights from listening sessions and surveys, we offer a critical view of equity within your organization.

Vital Insights Drive Transformative Growth

TDM meticulously analyzes your demographic data, culminating in an Insights Report. This report illuminates key themes and sentiments across various demographics, serving as a strategic guide for your leadership. It forms a crucial part of our Recommendations & Planning phase, paving the way for impactful DEI strategies.

Uncover Trends Through Data

See how we helped engineering firm CRB assess baseline DEI competencies and establish their DEI action plan.

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Ready to Measure What Matters?

We’re here to help every step of the way.