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Even heroes need a hand sometimes.

Our client’s job is to care for people, but that is an increasingly difficult task as the workplace continues to evolve and become more diverse. They face new challenges but lack the tools, knowledge, or support to know what they need to do or how to do it. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, they want to get it right but just aren’t sure how. 

That’s where we come in. 

By combining a unique mix of products, education, and consulting, we design a customized strategic plan for each organization’s unique needs and strengths. Whereas traditional diversity training focused on “checking a box,” we embed DEI into all aspects of your organization, so you can move beyond compliance-based diversity into a truly inclusive culture.  

Phase 1: Discovery

In order to know where you’re going, it’s vital to know where you are. DEI is a complex subject; we help you have the difficult conversations and grant yourself and others the grace that’s necessary to grow.

Phase 2: Prescription for Transformation

This plan is customized to meet your needs, and may include courses, workshops, listening sessions, or personal coaching.

Phase 3: Implementation

We’re there every step of the way, providing you with the tools and knowledge to move forward confidently and help your organization do the same.

What Makes Us Different

  • Insight

    We exist at the intersection of DEI and corporate culture, and it shows in the strength of our team. Our executive leadership includes business strategists and angel investors, nationally recognized TEDx speakers and Certified Diversity Executives.

  • Flexibility

    We meet you where you are. We understand that diversity and inclusion can be a sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable topic so we create an environment for you to share openly and ask questions in a safe space.

  • Support

    We work with you every step of the way, to provide hands-on guidance and support at every stage.

  • Results

    We approach DEI with a business mindset. Time and again, the data shows that DEI is worth the effort, and has a powerful impact on profitability, talent acquisition, employee retention, and problem solving. It also makes a human impact, helping ensure that every team member has a chance to unlock their highest potential.