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The Diversity Movement is proud to offer several programs designed to level up your career and workplace culture. Taught by our Certified Diversity Executives and extensively peer-reviewed, our DEI certifications and DEI certificate programs are comprehensive, actionable, and proven. We have programs designed for DEI practitioners, employee resource groups, and leadership teams.

Our Intensive, CDE, and CDP programs are led virtually on Zoom and follow a cohort model, ensuring a multitude of perspectives and experiences are represented in discussions. Our ERG and Inclusive Leadership programs are private sessions that can be held either virtually or in-person upon request for your team.

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Program Catalog

Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)®

Instructor-Led | 4 Days

Our Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)® course is a 2-week DEI training program that challenges conventional diversity, equity, and inclusion work and reinforces the need for organizations to lead DEI initiatives from the top. This diversity and inclusion certification provides you with the tools, education and mentorship to foster a diverse and inclusive environment.

2024 cohort: August 7, 8, 14, and 15

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Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)®

Instructor-Led | 4 Days

Our Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)® course is a 2-week DEI training program for professionals specializing in diversity and inclusion, diversity leaders who aspire to achieve managerial positions in diversity and inclusion, and human resources specialists. As a diversity leader in this program, you’ll gain the skills to drive change both from a corporate and interrelational perspective.

Sessions available upon request

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The Diversity Leader's Intensive

Instructor-Led | 4 Days

The Diversity Leader’s Intensive was designed to equip DEI leaders with the tools needed to drive culture change. Unlike other programs, we don’t just give you the bird’s-eye view, but drill down into how you can accomplish the day-to-day and year-by-year tasks of transformative DEI and organizational leadership. You’ll leave the diversity certificate program fully prepared to lead the communication and integration of results-driven diversity, equity and inclusion throughout your entire organization immediately.

Sessions available upon request

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Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

Instructor-Led | 6 Hours

Inclusive leaders forge inclusive workplaces. Inclusive workplaces are more productive, more profitable, and retain top talent. Learn how to drive your organization to success through values-based leadership.

Sessions available upon request

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Employee Resource Group Certificate Program

Instructor-Led | 4 Hours

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are a pivotal part of any organization’s DEI program. They serve as a robust source of employee feedback, increase feelings of inclusion, and steer the company toward equitable policies and processes. Ensure your organization’s ERGs are driving impact with TDM’s 4-hour certificate program for employee resource group leaders.

Sessions available upon request

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DEI Council Certificate Program

Instructor-Led | 4 Hours

Although what they’re called varies, DEI councils play a pivotal role in leading an organization’s DEI program. These groups are made up of employees at all levels who manage DEI initiatives and commit to making the workplace more inclusive, equitable, and accessible. Ensure your DEI council is driving organizational impact with TDM’s certificate program.

Sessions available upon request

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Custom Certificate Program

At The Diversity Movement, we are committed to meeting our clients' needs. While we pride ourselves on the broad impact of our trainings, we recognize that each organization is unique. Any of our certificate programs can be customized to your company for maximum impact. Have a topic you don't see a program on? Contact us to discuss creating a custom certificate program for your team.

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We’re proud to be a CAE Registered Provider. Get additional details by visiting each program’s page or by reaching out to Kaela Sosa at

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Great Companies Trust TDM

We’ve been the trusted training partner for thousands of employees, elevating their skills through content, certifications, courses, and workshops.

Like many practitioners, I came into the DEI space knowing the “why”--what I needed was to learn how to implement those principles. TDM’s Diversity Leader’s Intensive, compared to any other course I researched, is unparalleled in its practicality and value add. This is an investment far beyond just getting a certificate--you'll have every resource you need to weave genuine diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into every aspect of your organization.

Spencer Lessin Community Engagement Coordinator, RTP

The instructors at TDM are knowledgeable, relatable, and create a space for growth, introspection, and community. I instantly felt at home with a bunch of strangers on zoom and I looked forward to our sessions when we could learn from each other as well as from the instructors. I highly recommend this to anyone working in a DEI space looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.

Analise Herrera, MS, BCBA, LBA

This course had valuable knowledge to apply to DE&I efforts to have a lasting impact on organizations. I feel more confident in having discussions with others and the benefits of DE&I work within an organization. Thanks to The Diversity Movement!

Tameka Davis Diversity Director, Raleigh Metro SHRM

It was absolutely incredible, extremely impactful learning from thought leaders in the industry, and having access to every single person at The Diversity Movement, from the CEO all the way down to their training staff and support staff. Everyone was extremely supportive, kind, and the cohort model was amazing. Being a part of the beta cohort has absolutely prepared me to be a better professional, and most importantly, a better DEI practitioner.

Rhett Burden Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Compass Family Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DEI training important?

DEI training ensures that leaders and organizations are staying ahead of emerging trends and best practices. Continuous learning guarantees that practitioners are implementing proven and contemporary practices.

What are diversity certifications?

Diversity certifications are any in-depth training on a DEI topic, whether on unconscious bias, allyship, or something else altogether, and range from 1 hour to several weeks. Generally speaking, certifications are accredited and certificates are not, although the terms are used interchangeably. A certification may come with a badge, certificate of completion, or professional designation verifying the learner’s attendance and newfound expertise on the topic. 

What is the best diversity and inclusion certification?

The best diversity and inclusion certification is largely based on a person’s role within their organization and their organization’s DEI competency. Out of our programs, the Intensive and CDP are best for DEI practitioners – with the Intensive focusing more on execution and the CDP focusing more on theory – and the CDE is best for executives. For more information on which program is right for you, contact

Can I certify my team?

Absolutely! The Diversity Movement offers several options for enrolling teams, from discounts for small teams to private cohorts for large teams. Contact to learn more.

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