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The Challenge of Engaging New Talent

A mere 12% of U.S. employees feel their organization’s onboarding process is effective. TDM provides the expertise, strategies, education, and personal support needed to improve your team’s onboarding experience, ensuring every new hire, regardless of background, starts their journey with confidence and a sense of belonging.

Tailored Solutions for Exceptional Onboarding

TDM defines the path to onboarding excellence with our ACT framework (Assess | Coach | Train). Our comprehensive approach, including in-depth assessments of current practices, expert coaching, and world-class training equips your team to improve the onboarding process. The result? Boosted productivity, satisfaction, and retention among new hires.

Assessments identify strengths and areas for growth.

Through listening sessions, policy review, and surveys, we uncover areas for optimization to make your employee onboarding an inclusive and high-performance engine boosting productivity, satisfaction and productivity for new hires.

Coaching supports you as you optimize the onboarding process for new hires.

Individual & group coaching sessions provide leaders with the opportunity to ask questions, seek strategic guidance, and work through specific challenges. Topics can include:

  • Best practices for in-person, remote, and hybrid onboarding
  • Accessibility of onboarding materials
  • New hire training
  • End-to-end new hire onboarding process and timeline
  • Troubleshooting challenges in the onboarding process
  • Setting onboarding goals and delivering feedback
  • Building psychological safety with new hires

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Training equips new hires with the vital knowledge, skills, and best practices they need to contribute productively to a dynamic and inclusive culture.

On-Demand Training to Integrate into Your Onboarding Experience

Access out-of-the-box training to scale education across your organization. Our tech-enabled training offerings include TDM Library, MicroVideos, and Online Courses.


These sessions are specially crafted to equip new hires with the tools and knowledge they need to integrate with your organizational culture. From understanding unconscious bias to leading productive conversations, TDM’s workshops ensure your employees are on the same page. Learn more.


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Measurable Impact

Teams with inclusive onboarding practices consistently experience heightened employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and improved retention. In fact, an effective onboarding process boosts retention of new hires by 82%, new hire productivity by 50%, and commitment to the organization 18x.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inclusive onboarding?

Onboarding is a crucial part of nurturing an inclusive workplace culture. Inclusive onboarding is a standardized process your organization uses to empower your new recruits to perform at their best and ensure they’ll stick around to be part of your organization for the long haul by ensuring inclusion and equity at every touchpoint.

Why is inclusive onboarding crucial for employee success?

Inclusive onboarding programs create the foundation for employee engagement, retention, and productivity. A good onboarding program helps employees get to meaningful work quicker, integrate into the culture of your organization, and get feedback early and often to enhance their performance.

How can my team enhance its inclusive onboarding practices?

Any good plan starts with assessing where you are. Use feedback channels including surveys and listening sessions to hear what employees like about your onboarding process and where there is room for improvement. Use those insights to inform your onboarding strategy and standardized process. Don’t forget to continue collecting data from employees to ensure your efforts are paying off and identify areas for optimization.