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Overcome Opposition with Strategy and Insight

Negative attitudes, diversity fatigue, and employee cynicism are common when organizations launch efforts to improve their cultural competency. At TDM, we specialize in transforming skepticism into understanding. We work with inclusive leaders like you to identify the roots of resistance, develop strategies to showcase the value of DEI, and broaden understanding across the organization. 

Overcome DEI Apprehension through TDM’s ACT Framework

DEI programming can only be successful if both leaders and employees are bought-in and participating. Our ACT approach (Assess | Coach | Train) creates the step-by-step action plan your teams need to identify challenges, questions and concerns; address them; and get back to making an impact.

Assessments root out areas of DEI resistance and clarify the reasons they exist.

Through listening sessions and employee surveys, we uncover employee sentiment toward DEI programming and organizational culture, pinpointing specific objections. Our assessments also help you understand sentiments by job level and demographic group within your organization. This information is the vital first step to an informed strategy that effectively overcomes DEI resistance. This data-driven approach helps set the foundation for meaningful DEI transformation.

Coaching supports you and your teams with practical advice and strategies for mitigating DEI hesitations and having courageous conversations with DEI skeptics.

TDM facilitated individual & group coaching sessions are a safe space for you to ask questions, seek guidance, and work through specific challenges. We support you and your team with:

  • Understanding the most common reasons for DEI resistance
  • Identifying what motivates your audience
  • Finding common ground with DEI skeptics and critics
  • Effectively communicating the business case for DEI
  • Reframing DEI as a culture-strengthener
  • Crafting your communication strategy
  • Best practices for courageous conversations
  • Scripts for answering difficult questions

Learn more about TDM’s coaching services:

Training helps you and your teams understand the value of DEI in the workplace and how it will help you all improve job performance and achieve next level business performance.

TDM’s educational solutions include workshops, online courses, microlearning, and certifications to cover DEI basics, advanced topics, and industry-specific nuances. Equip your teams with the knowledge they need to become more culturally competent and contribute to a welcoming, productive workplace.


Navigating Resistance Alongside Hundreds of Leading Companies

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Diversity Programs That Get Results

Companies do a better job of increasing diversity when they forgo out-moded programming and design their efforts more intentionally. The most effective programs spark engagement, increase contact among different groups, or draw on people’s strong desire to look good to others.

Video Answers to Common Questions & Concerns

There are several questions and points of resistance we commonly hear about DEI programs. Use the following videos to gain a better understanding of DEI’s goals or as talk tracks for responding to DEI criticism.

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"Isn't DEI a purely political issue?"
"Why invest in a 'feel-good' DEI program in hard times?"
"DEI is being forced down our throats"
"Why risk long-term damage from DEI like Bud Light?"
"DEI is creating reverse discrimination."
"DEI is against my religious beliefs."
"Why does DEI make White men the enemy?"

Amazing content. This issue [navigating DEI resistance] has been much on my mind lately, but this is the first session I have attended that really laid out strategies on how to navigate. I took pages of notes, and I am excited to share my takeaways with my staff, board and colleagues. I can't wait for the recording and toolkit. Highest rating possible--an 11.

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