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Cultivating an ERG is a Journey.

With TDM by your side, navigate the path to a robust ERG framework. We provide the expertise, resources, and unwavering support to enable employee success.

Our Commitment to Your ERGs

TDM’s holistic approach to ERG empowerment combines assessment, coaching, and hands-on training. Our customized approach is tailored to bring out the best in your ERGs, fostering a culture of belonging and innovation through impactful programming, mentorship, and professional development.

ERG Assessments dive into your ERGs' dynamics and impact

TDM’s ERG assessment offers a comprehensive view of your ERGs, pinpointing areas of excellence and those needing enhancement to maximize your return on investment. Based on where you are in your ERG journey, we work with you to ensure your ERGs are aligned with your organization’s DEI goals by establishing evaluation processes and dashboards, gathering the data needed, and delivering progress reports. These reports give insight into:

  • Group activities, group participants and partners, and budget items and expenditures
  • A comparison of goals against what was actually accomplished
  • A clear link between group progress and overarching organizational DEI goals
  • Challenges faced and proposed or enacted solutions
ERG Coaching supports and guides your ERG leaders

From strategy formation to problem-solving, our coaching sessions offer ERG leaders a platform to brainstorm, strategize, and refine their approach with experts. TDM ensures every ERG leader feels heard, valued, and equipped. Some specific areas we provide employee resource groups best practices on include:

  • How to establish an ERG including writing a charter, selecting an executive sponsor, developing application processes, structuring the group, and general communications
  • Setting SMART goals for your groups, aligned to business objectives
  • Maintaining ERGs and succession planning
  • Programming development
  • Troubleshooting challenges and setbacks 
  • Measuring the ROI of your groups
ERG Training equips your leaders with vital knowledge, skills and best practices

On-Demand Training & Guidance for Your ERGs

Access an out-of-the-box training to scale education across your ERGs. Our tech-enabled training offerings include TDM Library, MicroVideos, and Online Courses.

ERG Leader Certificate Program

Equip your ERG leaders to be more impactful with our half-day certificate program. Leaders will leave the session with robust knowledge of DEI fundamentals, proven methodologies for leading ERGs, and best practices for courageous conversations and allyship. Learn More.


These sessions are specially crafted to equip ERGs with the tools and knowledge they need. From fostering inclusivity to driving impactful initiatives, TDM’s workshops ensure your ERGs are always at the forefront of change. View our workshop catalog.

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ERGs: Champions of Change

When ERGs are empowered and aligned, organizations witness increased employee engagement and productivity, clearer customer insight, and better business performance. In fact, 75% of companies surveyed agree that ERGs support retention efforts at their company. It’s time for your ERGs to lead the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ERGs?

An Employee Resource Group, or ERG, is a group of employees with shared experiences that meets in the workplace. ERGs provide safe spaces where people who identify as belonging to a certain demographic group — or who consider themselves allies to that group — can speak openly with others who share similar perspectives. ERGs can be formed around any dimension of diversity, not just race or gender. In addition to providing support for employees, ERGs often provide professional development and mentorship opportunities for group members. Additionally, organization-wide educational or awareness efforts are frequently sponsored by ERGs.

Why are ERGs important and how can they drive change?

ERGs provide a way to discover new perspectives, ideas, and innovations that may otherwise be missed or even stifled within an organization. They unite individuals who share similar backgrounds or beliefs to tackle business challenges – such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, product innovation, inclusive marketing messaging, or consumer satisfaction — all from a unique point of view. 

When groups are effective, there are tangible benefits, such as increased employee morale and performance, clearer customer insight, expanded market reach, and better business performance. Using ERGs to build belonging among employees has a direct impact on job performance. In fact, workplace belonging has been proven to lead to a 56% increase in job performance.

How can I get started creating an Employee Resource Group?

Before you begin to form an ERG and recruit participants, it’s imperative that the group has clearly outlined membership commitments and business-related objectives. It is equally important that all groups have the support of the executive team, as well as necessary resources and funding. Ideally, groups should have a dedicated executive sponsor. Outlining the group’s purpose, objectives, and structure should all occur before the group is announced to the full organization. The steps to set up a new ERG are as follows:

  1. Write a charter
  2. Select an executive sponsor
  3. Develop an application process
  4. Structure the group
  5. Announce to the organization

Need support? We’re here to help you every step of the way.