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Building Inclusive Culture is Hard.

TDM provides you with the insights, strategy, education, and personal support necessary to help your team reach breakthrough results.

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TDM makes your path to inclusive leadership excellence clear and achievable with our proven suite of comprehensive assessments, dedicated coaches and world class training. Our ACT approach (Assess | Coach | Train) creates the step-by-step action plan your teams need to navigate change, develop a culture of collaboration, and enhance productivity.

Inclusive Leadership Assessments identify your leadership team’s strengths and areas for improvement

Highly effective and surprisingly affordable, TDM LeaderView examines team strengths and gaps across 7 inclusive leadership core competencies. These insights help transform your teams into tightly integrated, high-performance units.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching supports your teams as they transform into more inclusive, high-impact leaders

Individual & group coaching sessions are a safe space for leaders to ask questions, seek guidance, and work through specific challenges. This ensures that they get the full benefit from all the new skills, information, insight they are gaining. 

Learn more about TDM’s coaching services: 

Inclusive Leadership Training helps your teams learn, hone, and practice the trade of inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership for Executive Teams improve your executives’ skills in communication, collaboration, capability, growth mindset, cultural intelligence, reliability, and self-awareness. Our approach helps your teams connect, allowing for deeper, more vulnerable discussions that reveal transformative insights, formulate better strategies, and unleash innovation. Learn more about our:

Inclusive Leadership for People Managers teaches directors, managers, and supervisors to manage team members across different backgrounds and perspectives empathetically while maintaining high-performance standards. Learn more about our Inclusive Leadership for People Managers Workshop.

Inclusive Leadership Microlearning with TDM Learning Journeys enable your leaders to explore customized learning journeys based on the inclusive leadership core competencies you and your team are seeking to develop at their own pace. Learn more about TDM’s microlearning.

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Proven Performance

Teams with inclusive leaders outperform those with traditional leaders time and time again. In fact, when inclusive leaders are at the helm, teams report higher productivity, increased revenue through innovation, and improved retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inclusive leadership?

Inclusive leadership is the ability to instill in others a sense of being valued for their uniqueness and belonging in the organization or team, while maintaining the ability to meet organizational financial and business outcomes. 

Inclusive leadership goes by many terms – compassionate leadership, daring leadership, servant leadership, and others – but the underlying concept is the same. Inclusive leadership puts people first, achieving success through strong relationships built on trust and respect.

Why does inclusive leadership matter?

Inclusive leadership is vital to sustainable organizations. It results in increased productivity, better problem solving, greater creativity, broader innovation, and an open, equitable culture where employees want to work, resulting in higher retention rates.

How do you become an inclusive leader?

Similar to many other skills, leadership ability can be honed through hard work and determination. Anyone who wants to be a better leader can improve their ability via deliberate study and intentional actions. Growth and learning are impossible, however, without acknowledging strengths, facing weaknesses, and being mindful of the impact one’s actions have on others. This can be achieved through taking an objective assessment and developing a plan to build skills in areas for improvement.

What’s the difference between inclusive leadership and transformational leadership or servant leadership?

Inclusive leadership is part of a relationship-focused leadership style and is related to transformational and servant leadership. However, inclusive leadership is unique in that it promotes the sharing of new perspectives, collaboration, and belonging to achieve business outcomes.

Transformational leadership is a top-down process used to motivate subordinates, whereas inclusive leadership is a collaborative process meant to support team members to bring their full and authentic selves to work at all levels.

Servant leadership is concerned with developing employees, but lacks the focus on belonging and uniqueness that inclusive leadership brings.

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