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Key Takeaways

  • Level set on foundational DEI terms and concepts
  • Understand how to interact respectfully with all people through inclusive language and etiquette
  • Study workplace communication best practices
  • Learn how to recruit, retain, and develop your employees through equitable processes and inclusive practices
  • Grow your organization’s footprint through inclusive marketing and sales


Solidify Your Learning

Our certificate program includes pre- and post-training assessments to measure the impact of the program as well as pre-work and post-session resources for continued learning.


Our Curriculum

Understanding Diverse Communities

Level set on key DEI terms, the business case for DEI, and types of bias. Learn about different diverse communities – such as veterans, the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities – and how to be respectful of all people.

Mastering Workplace Communication

Leaders must be proficient in workplace communication in order to foster team cohesion and propel the organization toward shared goals. Understand how to communicate with impact, give and receive feedback inclusively, and navigate difficult conversations at work.

Increasing Your Organization’s Bottom Line

An organization’s most important asset is its people. Learn how to increase the diversity and innovation of your team through inclusive recruitment and retention, including mentorship, sponsorship, and other advancement opportunities. In addition to your people, all companies hinge on customer or client loyalty. Make sure you’re using the right messages by employing inclusive marketing and sales best practices.

Watch Vaco’s Leader’s Journey to Earn Inclusive Leadership Certificates

Learn More About the Program

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