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Empower Your Business with Strategic Supplier Diversity

We help you unlock the transformative power of inclusive partnerships. Our team will help you review and expand your network of diverse suppliers, establish economic targets for your diverse supplier spend, and explore ways to reach new audiences to drive overall business growth. Let’s create an inclusive ecosystem of partners, customers and communities to drive business agility and create competitive advantage.

Achieve Your Supplier Diversity Objectives with TDM

TDM makes your path to implementing a successful supplier diversity program clear and achievable with our suite of detailed assessments, dedicated coaches and world class training.

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Supplier Diversity Assessments identify your baseline and areas for growth.

Through our comprehensive assessment process, we evaluate your current and past vendors, establish an accurate baseline of diverse suppliers and tracking mechanisms, and identify supplier diversity growth opportunities.

Coaching supports your team as they build their supplier diversity strategy.

We work with leaders in your organization to reimagine supplier diversity, assist your procurement team in identifying diverse supplier sources, and develop metrics to gauge your Tier 1 and Tiers 2 spend targets. TDM will help build strategies, communicate effectively both internally and externally, and improve supplier diversity program performance.

Learn more about TDM’s coaching services: 

Training resources are your arsenal for sustaining and growing your supplier diversity initiatives.

Microlearning provides your DEI Council with invaluable guidance on implementing, evaluating, and sustaining a successful supplier diversity program. 

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Proven Performance

Partnerships with diverse vendors boost your business’ success in three key ways

  1. Diversity drives valuable competition in the supply chain which leads to improved products, reduced prices, and increased value to your organization and customers
  2. Diverse suppliers introduce flexibility, resilience, and adaptability to your supply chain, helping you avoid the unexpected disruptions, ballooning expenses, and unreliable quality that have become increasingly common among large, multinational suppliers in recent years. 
  3. Partnering with diverse suppliers can significantly boost your organizational reputation. In fact, more than 65% of American consumers report using their social values to guide their shopping decisions and habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is supplier diversity?

Supplier diversity means using diverse suppliers, especially companies owned and operated by historically marginalized or underrepresented individuals.

Why is supplier diversity important?

When organizations deliberately choose to source their goods and services from diverse vendors, and local or small businesses, there are bottom-line advantages and social benefits that help the wider community. In short, supplier diversity enables organizations to do the right thing while they are also doing the profitable thing.

How can I start a supplier diversity program?

The first step in establishing a supplier diversity program is to make the business case and enlist executive support. Then you can begin setting goals. But, before goals can be identified, organizations need to know what their current supply chain looks like. A thorough audit should note the diverse suppliers that are already being used, and where there are opportunities to partner with new suppliers.