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We specialize in transforming your marketing strategies by integrating inclusion at their core. The true potential of your marketing efforts and market reach is unlocked when diverse voices and perspectives are embraced.

Customized Inclusive Marketing Strategies to Reach Your Goals

TDM makes your path to embedding inclusion into the core of your marketing approach clear and achievable with our suite of assessments, expert coaches, and world class training. Our ACT approach (Assess | Coach | Train) enables your marketing team to identify best practices and build the skills and expertise needed to execute culturally competent campaigns that resonate.

Inclusive Marketing Assessments & Review identify your strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Our comprehensive assessments dig into campaign analysis, audience insights, inclusive messaging strategies, and accessibility, ensuring your marketing campaigns are not just effective, but resonate with an ever-evolving diverse market. We provide insight into:

  • Uncovering bias in targeting or messaging
  • Auditing the use of inclusive language
  • Gauging the accessibility of digital assets
  • Reviewing creative for representation, while avoiding tokenism
  • Ensuring external-facing materials reflect internal company culture and values
  • Analyzing messaging, paying attention to nuances specific to different demographic and cultural groups
Coaching supports your team as they build their inclusive marketing strategies and craft more impactful campaigns.

Our team can help build your brand and employer brand strategy as well as create specific campaign strategies, tying inclusive marketing to overarching marketing and business goals. We can also provide guidance on recovering from missteps in your marketing.

Individual & group coaching sessions are a safe space for leaders to ask questions, seek guidance, and work through specific challenges. This ensures that they get the full benefit from all the new skills, information, and insight they are gaining.

Learn more about TDM’s coaching services:

Inclusive Marketing Training programs are meticulously crafted to equip your teams with a deep and nuanced understanding of inclusive marketing.

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox – Inclusive Marketing Course: Learn how to develop inclusive marketing campaigns, message diverse consumers effectively, ensure your assets are inclusive and accessible, maintain authenticity while avoiding tokenism, and recover from costly mistakes.

Inclusive Marketing & Communications Workshop: Our experts will provide foundational training on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) from the marketer/communicators perspective. Topics include: how inclusive language & unconscious bias factor into marketing and communications, examining inclusive marketing wins and missteps, and how to develop an inclusive marketing strategy.

Integrating DEI into Your Brand Strategy Workshop: Learn how to embed DEI into marketing efforts both for your target audiences and employees. Our experts will help your team develop a DEI brand framework that will serve as a GPS when determining internal and external communication and identifying what action supports this.

TDM Microlearning enables your team to explore customized learning journeys based on the topics they need support in. TDM content includes MicroVideos, how-to guides, best practices checklists, templates, and more.

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Inclusive Marketing’s Proven Performance

Inclusive campaigns are proven to attract new markets, increase brand loyalty, and improve bottom-line results.

Digital media has changed the marketing landscape. From websites to online advertising, social media and more -- brands can now seamlessly dialogue with their audience to present their brand and gain immediate feedback on product-market fit. This can lead to amazing brand amplification or agonizing deprecation -- depending entirely on how well you know your audience and execute your marketing and communications plans. The Diversity Movement's Inclusive Marketing Course provides the critical thinking brand managers need to consider as they shape their go-to-market plans. From decision making frameworks to step-by-step instructional plans, this course navigates the critical thinking every brand should consider in order to deliver a profitable, relevant, and inclusive brand.

Suzanne Miglucci Former CEO, CMO, Board Chair

I heard tremendous feedback from the group afterwards [the DEI for Marketers & Communicators Summit]. Everyone loved the session and how it directly correlated with their work., so I can't thank you both enough for the great time!

Richard Ortiz Director, Digital Marketing Office

TDM's counsel is valuable and I appreciate the creativity they're bringing to helping us get to the transformation we’re seeking.

Bob Osmond President, Racepoint Global

Whether you need to understand the business case for inclusive marketing or map out your company’s strategy for engaging with clients and consumers, this course provides the resources you need to create a more inclusive and impactful brand. The hands-on approach and action-oriented focus of this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to champion inclusivity in your organization and drive meaningful change.

Chad Wilson Director of Learning, American Marketing Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inclusive marketing?

Inclusive marketing means implementing strategies that consider all types of diversity in order to create campaigns that are welcoming to all people. The key to inclusive marketing is to make sure your efforts are authentic, avoiding tokenism, and to acknowledge the intersectionality within your target market.

How is inclusive marketing different from multicultural marketing?

Multicultural marketing entails segmenting your audience based on demographic characteristics and developing messaging specifically for that group. You might have separate ads for the same product, one targeted to White suburban women and one targeted to Black university students, for example. Inclusive marketing, on the other hand, acknowledges that multiple groups have the same need for a product and strives to create one ad or message that is inclusive of all customers.

How does inclusive marketing benefit your business?

Inclusive marketing opens your business up to new segments, including women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and racially and ethnically diverse people, who have a combined purchasing power of over $12 trillion in the U.S. alone. Inclusive marketing also increases brand loyalty, especially with Gen Z entering the consumer base. This generation prioritizes diversity and brand values at a higher rate than any other generation yet.