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Streamlined Insights Maximize Your Efficiency

Our dashboards show data across demographic, business unit, organization level, and more. It provides the confidence you need to make critical business decisions, by tracking employee engagement, workplace sentiment, inclusive leadership growth, and belonging over time. These insights will help you build, strengthen, and revise DEI programming, leading to a stronger, culture-centric organization.

Measurement is the Key to Action

The insights gathered through TDM Analytics will be used to inform the Recommendations & Planning step of the Assessment process. Analytics, paired with Policy and Procedure Review, ensure we are mapping out the best action plan for your organization’s growth. Ongoing data collection keeps your dashboards up to date, unlocking a pattern of constant iterative improvement. 

We were able to go into the Analytics website and compare the 2021 versus the 2022 results. We could easily create charts and graphs from that data, so that we could do comparisons and disaggregate by groups as much as possible. When you can disaggregate the data by certain groups, you get a much more specific sense of the experiences of people in the nondominant groups within that community.

Yvonne Hinson Chief Executive Officer at the American Accounting Association

Empowering Data-Driven Growth

See how we helped engineering firm CRB assess baseline DEI competencies and establish their DEI action plan.

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