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An Inclusive Culture Requires an Inclusive Foundation.

A sustainable, inclusive, and innovative culture requires the development of inclusive policies, processes, communication, and frameworks. The Diversity Movement will work with you to review your organization’s handbook and  job descriptions to provide recommendations that foster inclusion and equity. Deliverables include: 

  • A comprehensive review of the staff handbook and customized suggestions to update policies to be more inclusive and in line with leading business practices. 
  • Review of job descriptions and customized suggestions that can be applied to future job descriptions to attract more candidates.

Actionable Insights Drive Real Results

The recommendations we provide for your policies and procedures form a vital component of the Insights Report. This report acts as a comprehensive guide for your leadership, offering strategic directions in the Recommendations & Planning step of the Assessment Phase. TDM’s inclusive policy & procedure review is a crucial step towards embedding inclusive best practices at the heart of your organization.

Empowering Data-Driven Growth

See how we helped engineering firm CRB assess baseline DEI competencies and establish their DEI action plan.

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