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TDM Leadership Development ACT Model

TDM LeaderView harnesses the full power of leadership teams in ACTion (Assess-Coach-Train model). The result is better relationships and collaboration within leadership teams so they can focus on their collective strengths and abilities. LeaderView enables leadership teams to identify, sustain, and build the core competencies needed to navigate change, develop a culture of collaboration, and enhance productivity.

ACT model - Assess, Coach, Train and icons in a flow chart

The LeaderView Difference

At a fraction of the cost of most leadership development solutions, LeaderView examines team strengths and gaps across 7 core competencies. Identifying these areas enables teams to become tightly integrated and high-performing units.

With personalized learning journeys backed by TDM’s award-winning content and a visual dashboard to track progress, LeaderView provides tools and insights that cultivate culturally competent leaders at scale.

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The Solution Includes:

Self Assessment

Discover your own strengths and areas of growth

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Peer Assessment

Uncover your colleagues’ perception of your inclusive leadership competencies

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“Whole Team” Analysis

Go beyond traditional 360-degree assessments by evaluating your team’s strengths, opportunities to collaborate more effectively, and goals for increased performance

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Coaching (1:1 & Group)

Get personalized coaching to ensure that you and your team are benefiting from new information and training

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Curated Learning Path

Receive customized learning journeys to help you and your team deepen inclusive leadership skills

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Individual and Team Dashboard

Visualize your progress and the progress of your team over time

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The [inclusive leadership core competencies] were informative and helpful for outlining my strengths/tendencies, while also giving insight into the strengths/natural tendencies of colleagues. It allowed discussion to see where there may be breakdowns in communication and approach and served as a tool to reflect on in building more cohesiveness within the team.

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The Results

TDM’s inclusive leadership framework was crafted to impact three business outcomes: innovation, retention, and productivity. Through increasing skills for behaviors like collaboration and growth mindset that leverage new perspectives, leaders are able to spark innovation. By practicing behaviors that cultivate a sense of workplace belonging among their colleagues and teams, like communication and cultural intelligence, leaders increase retention. Finally, delivering on commitments, demonstrating reliability and self-awareness, helps achieve business outcomes for greater productivity.

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The Diversity Movement Difference

Trusted by hundreds of organizations to implement, educate, and train tens of thousands of employees, The Diversity Movement has been recognized by Fast Company, Inc., and organizations like EY for its cutting-edge technology and leadership expertise. Our strategic partnerships with Fortune 1000 brands, national associations, and small businesses globally make us the trusted choice for organizations seeking to build culturally competent leadership teams.

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