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Easterseals UCP

Nonprofit uses DEI Navigator resources to increase staff understanding of DEI and cultivate a more inclusive workplace culture

Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia provides exceptional disability, behavioral health, and addiction treatment services to help clients live their best lives. Purpose, dedication and empathy drive the nonprofit’s service delivery. The Easterseals team provides more than 10.2 million hours of meaningful support to 40,200 kids, adults and families in 11,000 home, facility and community locations.

Company size

2,600 team members


More than $124 million annually


Raleigh, North Carolina

The Work

Thanks to its president and CEO Luanne Welch, Easterseals UCP (ESUCP) was committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Welch had appointed a Diversity Council in 2020, and the nonprofit was making progress toward its DEI goals. However, Welch and the Council realized they needed expert assistance in order to better integrate DEI throughout the operation of the nonprofit and improve daily interactions among colleagues and clients. 

ESUCP signed on as a DEI Navigator member in spring 2022 to take advantage of the platform’s multifaceted training and learning options. In addition, we helped the team create and execute an inclusive communications rollout plan when ESUCP combined with PORT Health

Because ESUCP saw how much its team benefited from its standard subscription to DEI Navigator, it became a DEI Navigator Premium client in 2023. Along with access to TDM Library, one-on-one coaching, and exclusive events included in the DEI Navigator subscription, ESUCP has extended its work with us to include a multiyear engagement and expanded consulting services. These include ongoing DEI measurement, adjustments to the DEI strategic action plan, and inclusive leadership training for more than 300 ESUCP people managers as well as members of the executive leadership team. Every manager also gains access to our suite of digital learning courses and more than 600 MicroVideos.

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Why The Diversity Movement?

DEI Navigator has helped our business by turning our awareness and alignment into meaningful steps along our DEI journey. We have increased understanding of the issues across the organization. We've made conversations safer to have. We're still a work in progress. But that's OK, because I have The Diversity Movement as a partner to guide us along the way. DEI Navigator is a simple approach to complex challenges at a reasonable cost.

Luanne Welch President and CEO, Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia

The Outcome

The informational resources, such as TDM’s MicroVideos and the TDM Library, included in the DEI Navigator platform gave ESUCP staff a common language to discuss diversity issues in a respectful and inclusive manner. Welch charged her leadership team to incorporate the lessons they learned into policy changes. For example, Susie Silver, Senior Consultant and Innovation Strategist at The Diversity Movement, worked with the human resources team at the nonprofit to overhaul its employee handbook, updating policies to make them more inclusive of LGBTQ+ employees.

DEI Advisor Brentley Wright also worked closely with Welch to create a trusted relationship, so the ESUCP team felt comfortable asking for guidance when needed. Staff took advantage of the on-call consulting included in their DEI Navigator membership to address personnel challenges as they arose. By quickly resolving complex situations with compassion, ESUCP managers were able to ensure employees felt heard and respected.

By leveraging TDM’s DEI Navigator program, award-winning MicroVideos platform, and trusted consulting, ESUCP has been able to incorporate DEI into its internal and external communications, make inclusive policy changes, and cultivate a more inclusive everyday workplace culture.

Boost productivity, build partnerships, and become a diversity champion.

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