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Keeping track of diverse holidays, heritage months, and cultural observances isn’t easy. Our 2024 Diversity Holidays Calendar makes it easier.

The 2024 Calendar includes the dates for over 150 diverse holidays and observances throughout the year in addition to linked resources developed by The Diversity Movement’s team to help you learn best practices for observing holidays with inclusion top of mind.

Foundational knowledge of — and authentic programming around — diversity holidays throughout the year will enliven and enhance your workplace DEI initiatives. Ready to start planning? Download our 2024 Diversity Holidays Calendar today – available as both a printable PDF and an online edition that integrates with your unique work calendar for ongoing reminders and valuable learning resources.

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2024 Diversity Holidays Programming Toolkit

So you know what and when the 2024 holidays are, but what do you do next? Many organizations need support creating authentic and respectful programming and do not have reliable resources to tell them how. That’s why we’re introducing our Diversity Holidays Programming Toolkit. This monthly subscription provides ready-to-go content that has been created by our DEI experts to help your organization connect celebrating holidays and observances to your organization’s DEI strategy.

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