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As corporate investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has soared, there is one group still being left behind: frontline professionals. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and global movements for racial equity, organizations across the world are building momentum toward more inclusive, employee-centered workplace cultures. Yet even now, the importance of DEI for flight attendants, maintenance workers, machinists, truck drivers, firefighters, line cooks, healthcare workers, retail professionals, the service industry and more, has been scantly discussed. 

This panel discussion aims to change that dynamic – to ignite the conversation around DEI for frontline professionals: its unique challenges, perspectives, strategies, and opportunities. 

Watch our one-hour webinar on DEI for essential workers, moderated by The Diversity Movement’s senior content strategist and former service industry manager, Roxanne Bellamy. We’ll dive into:

  • the business case for frontline DEI
  • best practices for organization-wide education
  • and, how to create a culture of curiosity, trust, transparency, and accountability within your frontline teams

Roxanne is joined by Phil Kowalcywk, Kerry Andolina, and Mariela Perez-Pennock.

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