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DEI Foundations Lay the Groundwork for Impactful Change

Moving beyond the traditional bounds of diversity training, Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox is crafted for transformation, not just compliance. This course is tailored for leaders and teams who seek to understand the foundations of diversity while harnessing it for meaningful business outcomes. Engage in a learning journey that encompasses effective communication, respectful interactions, and practical insights for navigating the diverse landscapes of employees, clients, and customers. This program lays a robust foundation for your DEI initiatives, equipping you with the knowledge to drive real change in your organization.


Accredited Curriculum

Our curriculum was created by a team of Certified Diversity Executives and is grounded in over 1,000 hours of comprehensive research on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits are available for this course.


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The Diversity Movement is proud to be recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities. We’re also proud to be a CAE Registered Provider.

This course may be applied for 5 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements. It also can be applied as 5 PDCs towards SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification.

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Topics Covered:

Understanding Diversity

The concept of diversity encompasses understanding, acceptance, and respect. Beyond the typical focus on race and gender, diversity is a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and experiences, as well as the exploration of these differences.

The Business Case for DEI

Fully integrating DEI into your company culture is proven to drive business outcomes. This includes understanding trends that ensure sustainable growth, achieving higher profits and retention rates, and fostering more innovation and creativity.

Unconscious Bias - The Secret Disruptor

For your company's DEI initiatives to succeed, you must actively counteract unconscious bias. Unconscious bias decreases innovation, productivity, and creativity. Our proposed strategies offset biases so employees can confidently engage in their work.

Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Program

Now that we understand the business case for diversity, how do we fully integrate diversity into our organizations? Review common mistakes in diversity programs and explore methods to implement these initiatives successfully.

Business Communication in a Diverse World

Learn how to make DEI a part of your brand strategy. Increase your overall awareness and sensitivity, broadening your marketing reach, and avoid handling missteps under pressure.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Directors and managers who are in charge of DEI initiatives
  • Business owners, corporate executives, managers, directors, department leaders, customer service managers, and team leaders
  • Store managers, salespeople, or any other professionals who interact directly with members of the public or engage with representatives from other organizations on a regular basis
  • Anyone whose professional responsibilities deal specifically with diversity and inclusion

Great Companies Trust TDM

We’ve been the trusted training partner for thousands of employees, elevating their skills through our digital learning courses.

This diversity course delivers impactful content that uncovers the value of diversity and inclusion for all organizations. I've taken several D&I courses and training in the past, but this course still managed to surprise me with not only new and useful information, but also a delightfully unexpected multimedia experience.

Won J You Design Leader and Educator, WJY Studios

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox takes what is a highly topical and critical subject and breaks it down in such a way that it is so easily consumed online. The course really helps to understand the full meaning and implications of embracing diversity - from everyone's perspective. It also helps you to understand how to make it come alive and how it connects to bottom line performance of the business. I highly recommend this course.

John Murphy International Executive Leadership Coach, John Murphy International

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox offers a fresh and approachable course on Diversity & Inclusion. It is clear that the team really cares about the issue, and numerous videos and spotlights on different people and their experiences make it personal. Information is presented succinctly and is easy to grasp and absorb. I came away knowing – and understanding -- more than I did in the beginning. All around, I would highly recommend this course!

Susanne Meyer Employment Solutions Architect, LCI Tech

As an educator and social justice advocate, I believe that it is everyone's role to ensure a more equitable and just world for everyone. ""Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox"" provides an accessible array of tools for anyone to use to promote diversity and inclusion not only at work, but in their personal lives as well. I think that anyone who takes part in this course will not only walk away more knowledgeable about diversity and inclusion, but also more confident in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Bri Hart Assistant Director, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), NC State University

I just completed the Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox course and wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion. There were some very eye-opening statistics throughout and I really enjoyed the marketing component. As a Director, this is a great resource as we move our journey forward with enhanced diversity.

Megan Pickard Director, BAYADA

I just got off an employee relations call, and I had to reach out to tell you how the call started. The employee said the issue happened right after she finished “the best diversity training I’ve ever taken in my entire life”! She was referencing the Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox course in BAYADA University, she said it was fantastic and inspiring

Keri Huneycutt HR Manager, Care Center, BAYADA Home Health Care

Designed for You and Your Team

At TDM, we firmly believe in the power of collective growth. Our courses and workshops are meticulously designed to foster a cohesive, transformative learning experience that taps into the unique dynamics of team environments. This approach ensures that skills learned are not only individual achievements but also become deeply embedded in the team’s DNA, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout your organization.

Here’s why our team-based approach stands out:

  • Unified Learning: When an entire team learns together, they share a common language, set of tools, and experiences. This ensures smoother implementation of new strategies and insights within the organization.
  • Strengthened Bonds: Shared learning experiences foster deeper connections, mutual understanding, and trust among team members.
  • Tailored Experiences: Our workshops and courses can be customized to address specific team dynamics, challenges, and goals, ensuring the most relevant and impactful learning journey.
  • Sustained Impact: A team that learns together supports each other in the application of new knowledge, ensuring long-term retention and continuous improvement.

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