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Join Jim Morris, a Senior Strategist, and Inclusionist, on his journey of discovering his social identity as a cis-hetero White man and how it informs his work in inclusion. Jim discusses transformative moments in his life, including a conversation with Bernice Johnson Reagon, a founder of the women’s singing group “Sweet Honey in the Rock,” and an early childhood experience of witnessing a cross burning on his grandfather’s property.

This episode sheds light on the essential role of empathy and action in achieving a world that works for everyone through exploring the power of inclusion and recognizing our social identities. Jim, a leading expert in the field, shares insights on DEI work and the essential qualities of grace and patience required to succeed.

Whether you are an educator, parent, corporate leader, or DEI professional, tune in for practical guidance on approaching and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This episode offers valuable tips on making diversity and inclusion stick in your organizations and communities.

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