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Thank you, Alan and Donald, for joining us today to discuss the exciting acquisition of The Diversity Movement by Workplace Options. Let’s delve into the details and motivations behind this significant move.

Workplace Options and The Diversity Movement both emphasize the importance of wellbeing and inclusion. How does this acquisition strengthen your shared mission?

Alan: The alignment between Workplace Options and The Diversity Movement is striking. We both understand the significance of employee wellbeing and fostering inclusive cultures. By joining forces, our companies can create customized solutions for our clients that promote workplace wellbeing, inclusivity, and equity. This acquisition propels us to the forefront of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where employees can truly be themselves without judgment or fear.

Donald: Absolutely, and I’d like to add that Workplace Options’ global success and innovation will help The Diversity Movement reach a broader audience. This acquisition allows us to maintain our distinctive expertise, while benefiting from the resources of a global company. Our collective focus is on improving lives through culture change and diversity-led programming.

The Diversity Movement CEO, Donald Thompson (left) and Workplace Options CEO, Alan King (right)
The Diversity Movement CEO, Donald Thompson (left) and Workplace Options CEO, Alan King (right)

Donald, you mentioned that “wellbeing drives employee engagement.” How will this acquisition contribute to improving employee engagement for your clients?

Donald: Wellbeing is a critical factor in driving employee engagement. WPO has a broad history of innovation and global presence that will enable TDM to expand our reach and bring positive change to organizations worldwide. Our goal is to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very fabric of how we treat people in the workplace. This acquisition enhances our ability to provide unique wellbeing solutions that boost employee engagement, productivity, and a sense of belonging.

Alan, in what ways will this acquisition expand Workplace Options’ capabilities and expertise?

Alan: This acquisition is a strategic move for Workplace Options, extending our expertise into inclusive leadership development, cultural competency, and employee engagement. The Diversity Movement brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas, which perfectly complements our existing offerings. It broadens our capabilities to serve employers and their people, enhancing their overall experience and engagement.

Donald, could you elaborate on the values that align Workplace Options and The Diversity Movement?

Donald: Certainly. Both companies deeply value the power of high-quality, human-to-human interactions. We believe in providing proven tools and resources that help organizations create thriving and sustainable workplace cultures. This human-centered approach is what sets WPO apart in the industry. It’s about immediate access to support from someone who understands your language and culture. The integration with WPO opens up a wide array of services and support for our clients and customers.

Alan, how do you view the benefits of this partnership?

Alan: Our clients and customers will benefit immensely. It’s a unique opportunity to combine our shared focus on wellbeing and the value inherent in integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the everyday work experience. It’s a holistic approach that will lead to enhanced productivity, retention, and a greater sense of belonging. We’re excited about the journey ahead.

Thank you, Alan and Donald, for sharing your insights on this exciting acquisition. It’s evident that this partnership between Workplace Options and The Diversity Movement holds great promise for creating more inclusive, equitable, and thriving workplaces.

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