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Proven Strategy. Expert Instructors. Immediate Application.

Looking for one comprehensive course to teach you everything you need to know to execute a successful, long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program? This program goes beyond the “what” and “why,” showing you “how” to implement real-world DEI for real-world business outcomes. Turn your passion into skills.

October 3-6, 2022.

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quick facts


25 hours of learning over 4 days


Live, online, instructor-led training plus digital resources


Inclusive evaluation process to earn your certificate of competency


Exclusive community hub for learners

program overview

 More than 80% of organizations have already taken action on DEI. Now, forward-thinking executives are moving quickly to hire and integrate DEI leaders into the fabric of their businesses. In fact, as a share of all job postings, diversity positions rose 18% in 2018, 30% in 2019, 123% in 2020, and an additional 56% in 2021. Yet most of these roles are new to the organization, and many of the leaders stepping into them have only a little or no experience in leading a strategy-based, data-driven, long-term DEI program.

Many DEI programs fail — and when they do, their failure takes a heavy toll on productivity, culture, and morale. How do you ensure a successful, sustainable program, gain buy-in from across the organization, and find data to prove results? This course will show you how.

Created by our team of Certified Diversity Executives, business experts, entrepreneurs, and senior consultants, this program gives you the tools you need for instant traction and long-term success. We don’t just give you the bird’s-eye view but drill down into how you can accomplish the day-to-day and year-by-year tasks of transformative DEI and organizational leadership. You’ll leave this course ready to do the emotionally-charged and critical work assigned to you immediately.

Investment: We’re offering a 25% discount for our beta cohort so you can help us refine the program for future learners. Originally $3000; you pay $2250.

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learning objectives

  • Review DEI basics to ensure understanding of the latest terms, data, and issues
  • Understand how to gain buy-in across the organization and ensure plan adoption
  • Learn how to strategically map 1, 2, and 5-year plans
  • Gain the skills needed to implement effective policies and navigate difficult conversations
  • Learn strategies for continued growth and self-care
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throughout the course, you will:

  • Attend 19 live, interactive lessons with facilitated discussion and reflection
  • Engage in peer learning opportunities with up to 25 cohort members
  • Gain access to our top team of DEI experts, entrepreneurs, consultants, and educators
  • Learn immediately-applicable DEI strategies developed from our work with 100+ clients across industries
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the evaluation instruments


After the course, you will have 3 months to take and pass the exam. This brief, untimed exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions and 3 reflection prompts. The exam will be reviewed by one of your program instructors. You must achieve 70% or higher to pass. Accommodations are provided for individuals with disabilities. Please email to request the accommodations you need.


After the course, you will be given 3 projects to choose from and will have 3 months to complete your candidate project. You will choose only 1 to complete, which will be reviewed by one of the program instructors. The project will be deemed proficient or not proficient with detailed feedback.

meet your instructors

Learn from our award-winning experts at The Diversity Movement, acclaimed by companies such as Fast Company, Inc., Business North Carolina, and Triangle Business Journal

Kaela Sosa

Curriculum & Programming Manager; Co-Founder

Headshot of Kaela smiling

Susie Silver

Sr. DEI Consultant & Innovation Strategist

Headshot of Susie smiling

Donald Thompson

CEO; Co-Founder

Headshot of Donald smiling

Jackie Ferguson

Head of Content & Programming; Co-Founder

Headshot of Jackie smiling

Jamie Ousterout

VP of Client Success

Headshot of Jamie smiling

Kurt Merriweather

VP of Products & Innovation; Co-Founder

Headshot of Kurt smiling

Melanie Sanders

Sr. DEI Consultant

Headshot of Melanie smiling

Brentley Wright

DEI Advisor

Headshot of Brentley smiling

program schedule

October 3-6, 2022

We recognize that a few days of this class coincide with Yom Kippur. Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns. We will make recordings available to those observing and also offer an additional cohort in early 2023.

Day 1 (10am-4:30pm ET)

Why You Are Here
What We Will Learn
Setting the Stage
Inclusion Etiquette
Gaining Buy-In
Determining a Budget

Day 2 (10am-4pm ET)

Creating a 1-Year Plan
Creating a Long-Term Plan
Updating Policies

Day 3 (10am-4:15pm ET)

Inclusive Hiring & Recruitment
Courageous Conversations
Counteracting Resistance

Day 4 (10am-4:15pm ET)

Supplier Diversity
Hosting Successful Training
Personal Bias
Professional Development
Self Care and Asking for Help

frequently asked questions

Who’s the program for?

This program is for current and aspiring DEI leaders: individuals who are in charge of successful implementation of diversity initiatives within their organization.

What time will the live sessions take place?

Live sessions will be held via Zoom from 10 am to 4/4:30 pm eastern time each day, with a 1-hour lunch break and frequent, brief breaks throughout.

Will I get recordings from the live presentations?

Yes! You will receive recordings of all lessons, as well as copies of the presentations used.

How long will the program take to complete?

After the instructor-led portion of the course, you have 3 months to complete the evaluative project and exam.

How can I access training materials?

We store all recordings and presentations from the course in Thinkific, our Learning Management System (LMS). You’ll also be able to ask questions and interact with your cohort on the platform.

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$3000 $2250

October 3-6, 2022

This package includes:

1 seat in The Diversity Leader’s Intensive with discounted pricing


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October 3-6, 2022

This package includes:

Multiple seats for The Diversity Leader’s Intensive with discounted pricing

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