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If you do not pass the knowledge-based exam with a clear 80.0% or better, you must pay the Exam Retest Fee, which is $599 for either exam in 2020. The retest fee is a per sitting fee.

Candidates who withdraw from the program within 14 days of their registration date may receive a refund, minus a $500 processing fee. No refunds will be provided, for any reason, after 15 days have expired. Candidates may choose to reschedule or make a substitution in the same calendar year (January 1st through December 31st) without being charged a fee. If a substitution is made in a subsequent calendar year, the $350 Exam Change Fee shall apply.

If a Candidate chooses to withdraw, study guides must be returned unused or the cost of the study guide will be deducted from the refund, along with the withdrawal fee. Allow 30 days for refund processing. Also, Society for Diversity membership fees will not be refunded.

Candidates who are scheduled to test but cancel their knowledge-based exam within 48 hours of taking the test will be charged a fee for the cancellation. The Late Cancellation Fee is $350 before rescheduling can occur.

The Recertification Fee is $50. If a certification lapses more than one (1) year, designees will have to retest but will not have to submit another Candidate Project. The going rate for the CDP® or CDE® exam will apply. If the study guide has changed, candidates may utilize the online version at no cost or purchase another study guide at the going rate.

Alternatively, for a limited time, designees may pay a higher fee ($250) and commit to additional continuing education in exchange for renewing expired credentials. This option does not require taking the exam.”