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Talent management is no longer strictly a human resources initiative. It begins from the time you post a position to the time an individual exits the organization.

With TDM Talent Management, we partner with you to develop a recruitment plan within your overall diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that focuses on a coordinated, organization-wide effort to attract, recruit, and retain diverse talent. Through reviewing the full talent ecosystem with a DEI lens, TDM will help you identify opportunities to recruit diverse talent and build a pipeline of leaders. In addition to recruitment, TDM will advise on succession planning for diverse leaders.

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benefits of tdm talent management

Network with the most qualified talent in the industry

Create an unbiased recruitment process

Build a pipeline of diverse talent & succession planning

Generate Recruiting Opportunities from Within

how it works


    TDM conducts an initial assessment of your current inclusive recruiting efforts to identify any deficits and opportunities. Alongside your leadership team, we develop a strategy for your company to achieve optimal results for building your inclusive pipeline of talent.


    A diverse workplace is key to the success of any company. Talent acquisition teams play a particularly critical role by sourcing, engaging, and hiring diverse candidates. In fact, according to Glassdor, 45% of employees think that hiring managers are in the best position to increase diversity in their organization. In this phase, we will teach your team how to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias while creating personal and team action plans for proactively uncovering bias in the recruitment process. We’ll also teach recruiters how to look for values-alignment while remaining open to difference and we’ll explore the impact of language and how to be intentional and inclusive with word choice. In this phase we review your external websites and the writing of your job postings and descriptions ensuring they are inclusive and include gender neutral language.


    In this phase, we’ll introduce your company to our network of community leaders in your area. These are leaders from HBCUs and Minority Serving Institutions, leaders in the Latinx, Black, AAPI, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as leaders from women’s organizations, religious groups, and leaders with disabilities. Establishing relationships with these groups is crucial to the long-term success of your diversity recruiting efforts as they can provide a pipeline of qualified candidates. After execution of our initial events, we will develop and deliver a detailed strategy for your ongoing efforts to recruit qualified diverse candidates. A consistent presence in these communities is an essential element in the success of your strategy. We will be available to support and coordinate your efforts and can provide training, long-term strategy development, coaching, and evaluation.


    Generating Recruiting Opportunities from Within (GROW)™ – We are proud to offer a signature mentoring development and management service. Through GROW™ we work with our corporate partners to design a comprehensive and customized inclusive mentorship program. The program’s services include program engineering, program management, curriculum development, corporate infrastructure analysis & design, participant recruitment & screening, and retention and referral planning. The GROW program creates an institutionalized pipeline for diverse succession planning at all levels within your organization.

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