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Allison Bennett Headshot

Allison Bennett

Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Social Media Manager

Allison graduated from NC State University with her bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in journalism. She has a background in B2B digital marketing with experience building professional development courses.

Allison executes against all marketing streams, with special attention to social media strategy. She builds email, social, and ad campaigns. Allison enjoys volunteering with local organizations that support those who have visual impairments. She aims to lend her voice to those who have been marginalized.

Why DEI? One thing I love about social media is that anyone can have a voice and share their unique perspective. While we still have a long way to go, it is a place where people can come and be their authentic selves, celebrate their diversity, and learn from others. The truth is, everyone benefits from inclusive environments. Not only should we have to welcome everyone’s diversity, we should want to.