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Andy DeRoin headshot

Andy DeRoin

DEI Educator, Project Manager, LGBTQ+ SME, Critical Thinker

Andy (they/them) is a Certified Diversity Executive and project manager for the Product and Innovation department at The Diversity Movement. They are a diversity and inclusion educator with a background in social work and a passion for long-term, diversity-oriented initiative development, advocacy, and strategic alignment with organizational goals. At TDM, Andy brings their project and program management skills to innovate and grow product-related activities.

Andy most recently spent 7 years serving NC State’s GLBT Center under the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity. In those roles, they gained extensive background in diversity, equity, and inclusion, managing long-term projects and programs, performing research, and creating curriculum for continuing education around gender and sexuality. They are thrilled to join TDM and evolve their DEI experience.

Andy graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor of science in psychology and NC State in 2015 with a master of social work. They are continuing their education with doctoral studies in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development at NC State.

Why DEI?: My own gender and sexuality were doors to the world of DEI, and I didn’t want to stop there. I can’t just stop at my own liberation. I want to bring others like me along on a journey to put new skills and ways of being into practice to create interpersonal and cultural change.