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Headshot of Kristie smiling

Kristie Davis

Accountant, Volunteer, Strategist, Coach

Kristie (she/her) believes that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, regardless of your race or gender. As Chief Financial Officer, she oversees company operations, including an aggressive growth strategy, increased efficiency, and employee retention. Kristie has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Saint Augustine’s University, a MBA from Campbell University, and is a Certified Diversity Executive.

She has previously worked as an Accounting Manager, Netsuite Administrator, & Director of Reporting. She also co-owns Raleigh Elite Diamonds Cheer Gym. Kristie is a mother, wife, daughter, and avid traveler.

Why DEI? Because I believe all people deserve the right to be considered for C-Level positions and shouldn’t be excluded based on the color of their skin or gender.

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