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Michelle Headshot on a green background

Michelle Perez

Account Coordinator, Project Manager

Michelle has spent more than a decade in the marketing and advertising space. By targeting multicultural audiences and working in multiple facets of marketing and advertising like media buying and planning, account, event and project management, she has developed a holistic strategic and tactical perspective that makes her passionate about making sure that all parts of a plan work in harmony and optimized to achieve their full potential.

A Puerto Rico native, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, moved over a decade to North Carolina and considers Raleigh her home. Throughout her career, she has worked on a multitude of projects for diverse audiences, like managing a three year tour of grassroot Latinx soccer events and promotions spanning over 9 US cities.

Why DEI? The changes that DEI can propel helps make a better world for this and upcoming generations. It’s important that everyone has a seat at the table, is seen, heard, feels that they are welcomed and that they belong.