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Headshot of Michelle smiling

Michelle Perez

Project Manager, Strategic, Tactical, Advocate

Michelle (she/her) loves to nurture projects and programs from beginning to end and see them come to fruitful results. Her holistic strategic and tactical perspective makes her passionate about ensuring that all parts of a plan are harmonized and optimized to achieve their full potential. As a client operations lead she supports the client services, consulting, and operations teams with the documentation, organization, resourcing, and management of internal and client projects. Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Puerto Rico. 

She has previously worked as a media planner, marketer and has done client, project, event and promotions management. She loves volunteering, especially at the local food bank. Michelle is a mother, foodie, and fitness enthusiast.

Why DEI? As I strive to be an advocate and help others, it is important for me that everyone is seen, heard, feels that they are welcomed, and that they belong. DEI propels this mission.