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Royce Hoffner headshot

Royce Hoffner

Marketer, Problem Solver, Tech Whisperer, Dreamer

As the Marketing and Communications Specialist at TDM, Royce (he/him) is focused on creating a growth model that not only builds up the company, but also the people that it serves. Royce has traveled to Raleigh from the mountains of southern Colorado. He has spent the last decade learning the ins and outs of marketing while running his own media company. His passion for marketing is born out of a personal love for writing, photography, and film and the ways they work to tell stories. When Royce isn’t working, he can be found with his nose in a book, playing with his pup Astraea, or playing board or video games with friends. 

Royce has previously served as the chairman for the San Luis Valley Pride committee and focuses his volunteering time on helping the LGBTQ+ community. 

Why DEI?: As someone who has witnessed marginalization in work and personal spaces throughout my life, I believe the world needs a big shift. When we focus on the value of what different perspectives bring to the table, it becomes apparent that more diversity means better everything. I believe most people want that world, but oftentimes we can’t see how our own blindspots stop that from happening. I hope to help be the change to shine a light on the blindspots, for myself and those around me.