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Headshot of Susie smiling

Susie Silver

Consultant, Facilitator, Strategist, Speaker

Susie Silver (she/her) is a nationally-recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) thought leader. A Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), she has worked with more than 200 clients as a consultant, facilitator, strategist, and speaker. Susie specializes in leadership development, LGBTQ+ inclusion, employee resource group/DEI council development, and organizational business strategy. She works collaboratively with clients in creating culture-centric and business focused goals, as well as facilitates workshops, listening, and discussion sessions. Her reputation for being up-front and authentic about DEI topics has contributed to Susie’s success and she meets each client where they are in their unique DEI journey. Susie’s approach, paired with her down to earth humor, compels groups to share openly and feel safe while they are learning. She helps redefine company cultures to allow all people to feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. 

Susie’s career includes eighteen years in public education and in 2015, she founded With Pride Consulting to create actionable change for the LGBTQ+ population in workplace and educational institutions. Today, her unique perspective and future-ready business strategies are amplified as the Director of Client Success at TDM where she drives awareness and shared accountability across all diversity traits including gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, and mental and physical abilities. Susie’s expertise has deepened recruitment pools, increased employee productivity, and boosted companies’ bottom lines.

Susie is also an accomplished artist. Her contemporary artwork is created in her studio at the Cary Innovation Center in Cary, NC. Her work has been featured in numerous venues throughout North Carolina and on HGTV’s Love It Or List It. Susie lives in Cary, North Carolina, with her wife, two children, and a dog named Clark Griswold. When she is not consulting or speaking,  Susie enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, painting, and baking delicious treats!

Why DEI? I am passionate about educating others on DEI and supporting actionable change in the workplace. I strongly believe that everyone has a responsibility in creating an inclusive and equitable workplace and it’s my personal mission to inspire organizations to create and embrace their own unique culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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