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Raleigh, NC – May 14, 2020The Diversity Movement (TDM) announces its new, exclusive partnership with The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC) to provide globally-recognized certification in diversity and inclusion.  These credentials demonstrate consistent knowledge and application of concepts, principles and methodology, and also indicate the highest standard of ethics and competence in the field in generating transformative business outcomes.

Now more than ever, organizations are investing in D&I in order to build a robust talent pipeline, drive innovation and open new market opportunities. As a result, the demand for D&I training is expanding. According to a recent report on D&I hiring, Glassdoor’s Economic Research team found that job openings for roles related to diversity and inclusion in the U.S. have increased 30%. In addition, 64% of workers say their company is investing more in diversity and inclusion than in years past. The Diversity Movement answers the call for effective and impactful training as the exclusive provider for Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)®, and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)® credentials in North Carolina. 

“We believe that diversity and inclusion practices must be integrated with the overall business strategy of an organization to be successful. Our relationship with IDC enables us to train business leaders and practitioners to transform their businesses while receiving the valuable CDE and CDP credential,” said Kurt Merriweather, Head of Product and Partnerships, The Diversity Movement. 

CDE and CDP designees include D&I practitioners but also Presidents/CEOs, School Superintendents, Administrators, and other senior leaders, as well as professionals who understand the importance of this business-critical competency in the fields of human resources, marketing, sales, hospitality, healthcare, retail and more. Research shows that D&I leaders and practitioners are more successful when they are able to connect D&I to overall company strategy and outcomes. That is a main component of the training The Diversity Movement provides in order to achieve business results, not just compliance.

“We chose The Diversity Movement to be the exclusive IDC certification provider in North Carolina,” said Leah Smiley, President of Institute of Diversity Certification.  “The Diversity Movement invested in four of their leaders earning the Certified Diversity Executive designation and developed the first comprehensive foundational diversity and inclusion course for individuals and organizations. We are confident that they are able to deliver exceptional training for those looking to prepare the organizational culture and leaders for the next generation workplace and marketplace.”

The Diversity Movement will begin offering online certification classes in Summer 2020.  In-person classes will be also available as social distancing restrictions loosen.  To learn more, visit

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