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With 67% of U.S. adults at least partially vaccinated, more organizations are considering a return to traditional workplaces. But, how do leaders navigate employee work preferences, new COVID variant protocols, the focus on mental wellness, and new expectations for healthy work cultures?

Even if your company has worked hard to foster belonging and inclusion in a necessitated virtual environment, how do those efforts translate to in-person working when there are more opportunities for employee interaction – and more opportunities to offend or exclude?

In this webinar we’re covering:

  • How to prevent your employees from becoming part of the Great Resignation by finding the right balance of in-person, virtual, and hybrid working that fits your organization
  • Best practices for transitioning culture-building DEI programming from virtual to in-person or hybrid
  • Tips for ensuring your physical (and virtual) workplaces are accessible and inclusive for all employees

Our panel includes TDM’s Jamie Ousterout, Brooks Bell’s Gregory Ng, SAS’ LeAnn Logue, JLL’s Molly Glasgow, Downtown Durham, Inc.’s Nicole Thompson, and Barfield Revenue Consulting’s Will Barfield.

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